Greenhouse in the works

Plans are rolling along to add a greenhouseto Blanton Hill this winter. The idea would be to shelter the fig tree and lime tree already happy in their pots and expand into an olive tree, some dwarf lemons and maybe even some tea plants.

10×12 greenhouse

No. There really are raccoons in my gazebo.

The gazebo in question is small and white and sits in eight acres of Texas meadow. Lately, some big muddy raccoon tracks have appeared on the front steps, meandered across the floor and ended under the soft cushions of the porch swing.

So where are all of these raccoons, you might ask?

Somebody needs to collect the myths, legends, lore and facts about whoever made these tracks, and what really happens in this unique place on the Great Plains when we are not standing around, watching.

I guess that would be me. So, off we go.